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‘When we love and respect the people around us, that’s exactly what we receive in return too’’
‘Growing up, I was a very shy girl. I hardly used to speak to my peers in class, let alone adults. Even while in college, I just stuck to one or two friends, and that was it when it came to my social interaction outside of the family.
Things changed for me when I joined Dvara KGFS after graduating with a BSc degree in Mathematics. As I got to interact with customers from all walks of life and hear about their lives and their needs and the ways I could support them, something started to change in me slowly. I overcame my own barriers and started focusing on building a strong rapport with most of my customers.
This very rapport and mutual respect that I built with my customers is what helped me get through some difficult situations at work. The time when Gaja cyclone hit the region was especially a very difficult time for all of us at work. Our customers were also troubled. Since I knew the extent of their worries, I couldn’t pursue them for timely repayment of their dues. Still, many of them managed to somehow pay their dues to me because they cared for me and did not want me to default at my work in any way. Once an elderly customer was in the middle of his lunch when I reached his house to collect his monthly repayment dues. He washed his hands off immediately, got up and went inside his home. I felt very guilty for having disturbed him during his lunchtime. I was about to leave. But he came out after a few minutes with his dues. I apologized profusely. He just replied saying- ‘You are a good child. It’s your job, and I don’t want you to be delayed in any way because of me.’ I keep thinking about that episode a lot in my head as it taught me that at the end of the day, it is our understanding of each other and our lives that counts. When we love and respect the people around us, that’s exactly what we receive in return too.
I recently got engaged and am set to get married next year. As I move into a new family, I know now that I’ll be able to form new lasting bonds quickly. While my mother is worried that I talk a lot now, I tell her that a well-spoken girl is always better than a shy one in today’s world.’

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