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‘What keeps you alive and what makes you feel alive can be the same thing…’’
“My husband and I come from a family of farmers. We did quite well for ourselves in the initial years of our marriage with the income from our land. Since the past decade, however, our land’s yield started declining steeply. We blamed it on the rains or the soil. We were facing an extreme shortage of money and more crop failures with every passing cycle.
During this phase, we were financially constrained, and I had to ration our food intake. That was the most helpless I’ve felt in my entire life. I had two kids, a son and a daughter to take care of, and things looked difficult. We had two options before us – either borrow money to live another day or sell our only land.
It was during this phase, one day, that my daughter came running to me asking for more milk. An idea struck my head suddenly, and I asked myself- Why not start a dairy business?!
Like different pieces of a puzzle finally coming together, a friend who was also looking for someone to co-apply with for a loan, to start a dairy business, told me about Dvara KGFS and their Joint-Liability Group Loan. We visited our nearby KGFS branch, and within days we got the loan to buy a cow and start our dairy business. Within years our business grew, and now we have four cows and are leading comfortable lives; something which we hadn’t imagined a few years ago.
Today, my cows support my family and me. Every morning, we wake up with a sense of purpose to share more of the happiness we have through our supply of quality dairy products with the people around us. Like they say – ‘What keeps you alive and what makes you feel alive can be the same thing’.
My only worry now is for my son who has recently decided to drop out of school and pursue farming. He is a sensible kid, and I know he will come around but still, would you mind telling him how important school is?”

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