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“Every day has something new to offer”
“My sisters have always had a huge mark in shaping my life and bringing me up. They taught me the value of fending for oneself and not relying on anyone for anything, especially finances.
Though our parents, who were both farmers, ensured that our financial discomforts did not hinder us from getting through our schooling years, it was indeed a struggle for them to pay for our college. My sisters understood this and started engaging themselves in minor jobs such as tailoring, basket weaving etc. alongside their studies to get them through college. They never complained about it. They were rather proud that they were paying their college fees.
When I graduated from school, I also followed in their steps naturally. I enrolled myself in a B.Com degree and started working part-time in a salon. The job paid well enough for me to complete my three years in college successfully.
One of my sisters was then working at Dvara KGFS. She insisted that I join as a ‘Wealth Manager’, given that I had a natural flair for engaging people and having conversations. I eventually applied and got through to become a Wealth Manager. It was indeed very interesting to engage with different customers and work with them on their financial journeys. For my work, I was guided, appreciated and looked up, which meant a lot to me. It has been three fulfilling years at work for me now. Every day has something new to offer. My sister led me here to take up this job, and I’m thankful to her.
I realised my potential and interests because of my colleagues here, and they motivate me as I go about my everyday work.”

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