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‘My job taught me that all our lives are very different from each other’’
‘I got the job of a ‘Wealth Manager’ at Dvara KGFS right after I graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Science and I’ve come a long way since then.
My first solo-visit to a customer’s house is an experience that I still remember. It was a difficult interaction that had me visibly shaken because of the way the customer had spoken to me. When I narrated my experience to the Branch Manager, he calmly suggested a solution to the situation. At that time, the Branch Manager told me that learning to be calm in the face of difficult situations, to understand and deal with people from all walks of life and in all their highs and lows was a basic essential that would hold me in good stead. That’s a lesson I will never forget.
I decided then that if being a good wealth-manager requires me to know and understand people better, then I’d work on exactly that. I rode on my bicycle, through the interior of the villages, sometimes for even more than 5 kms at a stretch, just to meet customers informally and know them better. I voluntarily moved across branches in different locations to meet new customers and got an insight into their lives. I saw firsthand that though the locations I worked in weren’t that far from each other, the people, their temperament, their needs and their customs were indeed very diverse.
My job taught me that all our lives are very different from each other and that respecting this very diversity is what will make us serve each other better.
I know that I’m a better human being now because by trying to understand the human lives around me, I ended up understanding more about myself. My current aspiration is to become a Branch Manager. I hope I achieve it soon.’

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