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DVARA KGFS approach to wealth management in rural India comprises of four building blocks, namely, Plan, Grow, Protect, and Diversify (PGPD).

  • PLAN: The first step towards managing wealth is creating a plan for the same. Having a financial plan in place will help a rural household achieve all its goals. This is enabled by performing a gap analysis to know the current financial status of the family.
  • GROW:  Once the customer’s cash flow, goals, and GAP analysis is ascertained, the next step is to work on how the customer can grow their money in order to achieve their goals. Once a household knows about their financial status, they have to devise ways to grow their money in order to achieve their goals at the stipulated time
  • PROTECT: The third building block of DVARA’s Wealth Management Approach is PROTECT. The thought leading to the creation building block is simple: What happens when a family has looked into all aspects of GROW, is confident of generating a higher income in order to meet the future expenses but has to think about future incidents which may deter its PLAN. The family has to PROTECT its money i.e. insure it from unforeseen debacles. PROTECT covers both yield income and human capital. Yield Income is safeguarded if the Human Capital is safeguarded. Families have to protect their money and income sources from sudden shock events such as death, disease, or disability, which deter them from achieving their goals.
  • DIVERSIFY: Investing money is one of the best PLANs to GROW and PROTECT one’s money in order to achieve their goals. As different kinds of investments behave differently over a period of time, it is better to diversify one’s investments, instead of just investing in one option. Income from assets is the only source of income which is unaffected by human capital, and this income has to be invested across different options to ensure better and safer returns.

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