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  • To ensure a safe environment, Dvara KGFS has constituted a „Sexual Harassment Internal Complaints Committee‟ at each KGFS (hereafter referred to as SHICC). This committee will consist of four members, and each KGFS branch will display a notice with members for KGFS listed.
  • Any complaint of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace may be made in writing by the Complainant (or by his/her legal heir, in the case of any incapacity of the Complainant), to any member of the Committee within three months of the last incident complained against the person. The Committee may, however, permit relaxation in this regard if it is satisfied that the circumstances were such that the Complainant was prevented from filing the complaint within the stipulated period.
  • The Company will also form a central core Internal Complaints Committee represented by the CEO, HR representative and two more employees as identified by CEO to manage KGFS SHICC.

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