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Tamilmani Mayavan is a resident of Ponparappi village, Ariyalur District. Her husband was an agri wage labourer and the sole earning member of the family that comprised of him, Tamilmani and their son, Raja. In 2012, Tamilmani’s husband deserted the family and ran away, leaving Tamilmani and her son stranded financially.

Raja at that time was studying for diploma and the completion of his course was at stake due to the fall in the income of the household. To cope with the financial loss that befell her and her son, Tamilmani started a petty shop from which she earned Rs 84,000 a year. She enrolled with Dvara KGFS – Thanjavur in January 2013, with the Ponparappai branch. After a detailed Wealth Management conversation, she availed a JLG loan for Rs 20,000 forming the group with four of her neighbours. The loan helped her increase the stock of her business, and in a time span of six months her business earned a revenue of Rs 1500 per day. The profits from her business helped her son finish his diploma and he has now gone on to study for his masters in engineering.

In 2014, she welcomed her daughter-in-law, Sathya, who has also enrolled as a member of Dvara KGFS – Thanjavur. Tamilmanis’ entire family has continuously availed both Personal Accident Insurance and Term Life Insurance Policies from Pudhuaaru KGFS. They currently have an active MEL and an active JLG loan for the purpose of the expansion of their shop.

This is what Tamil Mani had to say about her experience with Dvara KGFS: “I am eternally grateful to Dvara KGFS for the helping hand that it lent me during my most troubled times. Their products have provided me with two stable sources of income I could complete educating my son and getting him married. This has helped me emerge as a stronger individual and a well-respected member of society.”