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‘‘Knowing that I built my life on my own, will let me sleep peacefully…’’
“My wife has stepped into my printing shop only once in the past five years. She says the shop makes her feel claustrophobic and gasping for breath. Well, I’ve been sitting inside these very same four walls and a door without a window for the past 23 years.
I set up my printing press right after I completed my master’s degree in literature when I realized that my own village did not have one. From wedding invitations to banners, we had to travel to the nearby town to give orders. The travel and logistics involved were making printing seem like an expensive ordeal. Because I set it up alone, I had to perform multiple roles in the initial days. I took orders by myself from morning till noon and then begin printing the orders around evening. Sometimes I’ve stayed up in the shop till 4 am to get the orders printed and packaged on time. It was just hard work that led me to buy new machines, hire a few helpers and cater to the requirements of a wider clientele.
Recently I booked a brand new single colour printing machine which cost me around 3 lakhs. I somehow managed to source and pay 2 lakhs upfront as advance cash to the dealer from my own savings. It became extremely tough though to source the additional 1 lakh, especially because it was the Aadi month and we were getting very minimal orders. The only income with which I used to run my family in the month of Aadi earlier was from the chicken farm that I had set up closer home. I may not be an MBA graduate, but I knew that no successful businessman would bet his entire fortune on just one horse.
It was heartbreaking to see that machine slip away from my grasp and just a few days before the cut-off date, a wealth manager from Dvara KGFS knocked on my door and introduced the Micro-Enterprise Loan. It almost felt like a divine intervention as I hadn’t mentioned my situation to anyone. I eventually took a loan for a lakh and was able to get the machine.
My wife tells me that my ambition doesn’t let me have a proper sleep at night because I’m constantly thinking about taking my business to the next level. I reply saying ‘Knowing that I built my life on my own, will let me sleep peacefully when the time comes’.”