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‘‘As a mother, I only want to keep providing …’’
“My life isn’t a roller coaster ride like most people claim life to be. Every morning I wake up at 5 am, personally pick the stock of vegetables that I have to sell every day, send my daughters to school, set up the stall in the market, cook lunch for my family, look after the stall and the household, weave baskets in the meantime, cook dinner again in the night, spend time with my daughters and then go to bed.

I’ve been practising this same daily routine for the past decade. Somehow this mundane routine hasn’t tired me out yet. Maybe because I know deep down that this routine is what acts as a backbone for my family, has ensured that we had no financial crises to deal with and most importantly ensured enrollment of both my daughters in the best private school nearby.

I was always just and very consistent in ensuring that the quality of the vegetables in my stall is top-notch and that they are reasonably priced. Even when the vegetable prices were rocketing skyward everywhere since few years, I was smart enough to seek out loans from Dvara KGFS which ensured that I had enough stock of vegetables at reasonable prices and of high quality in my stall. Everybody in the village now knows that I am an honest seller who always has only fresh vegetables at fair prices. I have also productively converted my free time in the stall to pursue my hobby of weaving baskets and have managed to sell them for an additional source of income.

As a mother, I only want to keep providing for my children. I know from the bottom of my heart that I have the strength to continue doing what I am doing until I see my daughters are happily settled- both career and family-wise.

My elder one told me the other day that she wants to become a doctor. That made me immensely happy. I know in our society, people care about their daughter’s marriage so much more than they do about her career. No matter what anyone says, I brought my daughters up to know the value of being financially self-sufficient first before being an amicable wife or a daughter-in-law. They understand easily how being self-sufficient arms a woman. They see a live example in me.”