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‘‘It is never too late to start looking at the bright side of life’’
“I moved to this village after my marriage. My husband and I really cared for each other and wanted to start a family. Unfortunately, for the first ten years of our marriage, we were child-less. The thought of not having a child took a very heavy toll on me.
My husband was scared that he’ll lose me one day if this continues. One morning, he woke me up early and asked me to accompany him to our field. He politely asked me just to observe and extend help in running the day’s errands. By the end of the day, I realized that I was completely immersed in work and that my worries took a backseat for the day.
From that day onwards, I started supporting my husband in his work. We began exploring ways to expand our revenue base to support our family by procuring high-quality seeds and seeking new machinery for the farm.
Soon, few of my friends and I sought a Joint-Liability Group loan from Dvara KGFS. The loan helped us in growing our business and gave us some flexibility. We are simple people and don’t have a lot of luxuries to speak of, but we felt really welcomed and cared for at Dvara KGFS.
Once our agri-business stabilized, I decided to invest in dairy as well after a few years. I again relied on a loan from KGFS to buy cattle. It serves as a consistent revenue stream for us regardless of the vagaries of monsoon.
Looking back, I felt a renewed source of strength in me when I began supporting my husband. I’ve come this far only because my husband made me realize many years ago that it is never too late to start looking at the bright side of life and that I am responsible for my happiness.
God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter, and I now feel immense happiness in knowing that I’ll be able to support my daughter and fulfil all her wishes.”.