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Selvarasu and his wife Lakshmi were daily wage laborers and the income generate by them was barely enough to make ends meets. Their livelihood becomes difficult during rains, as they could not generate any income, a result of which led them to forgo food at times.

They lived in a mud house, which had damaged walls, and the only asset besides it was an old rusted bicycle that Selvarasu used to commute on. The couple had no children and none in the community was willing to lend them any money.

At KGFS Awareness Meeting (KAM) organized by Dvara KGFS, Thanjavur, Lakshmi got familiar and understood the functions and services of KGFS and joined a JLG group and availed loan of Rs. 15,000. Determined to come out of the abject poverty that the couple found themselves in and in her endeavor to make her husband a businessman, the couple invested the money in buying 10 tones of salt from Vedaranyam.

With this investment, Selvarasu embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. His investment coupled with his experience began to reap profits and he opened a savings bank account to manage his transactions. Subsequently, Selvarasu availed an individual loan with Pudhuaaru KGFS for Rs 20,000 and Lakshmi, with timely repayment of her first JLG loan, got a second cycle of JLG loan of Rs 20,000. The couple used the loan availed to pay margin money to buy a mini truck (Tata Ace) to carry the salt bags to nearby villages in their effort to expand their business.

Based on the wealth management conversation with the branch staff, Selavarasu has now availed an Accident Insurance for Rs.3,00,000 and joined in NPS (Pension) scheme. They are happy that they are now living a life of dignity and financial comfort and have managed to improve their lives and their standing in society through efforts put in by them and the timely assistance provided by Dvara KGFS.