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I will continue to work till the day he asks me to stop, until then I wouldn’t stop for anything”
“I got married in the final year of my bachelor’s in literature course when I was just 20. I had wanted to become a police officer. I even got shortlisted while in college for a police job, but my brother refused to let me join and insisted that I proceed with the marriage.
Soon after getting married, I started running a small restaurant selling South Indian food. In 2005, my husband came back home from his work in Singapore. While there, he had learnt to cook some tasty Chinese fast food items like noodles, fried rice etc. and suggested that we offer these dishes at our restaurant.
The new dishes drew in a lot of customers and soon we were a huge hit in the village. We took pride in being the first ones to bring the Chinese fast food culture in our village. Our son was also born then, and I guess he was our lucky charm. We took out a loan from Dvara KGFS in 2009 to help us expand our menu further. It has been more than ten years now. Our customer numbers and profits have both soared since then. I guess people still love our food after all these years, only because we put our heart into our dishes and serve our customers the same quality of food that we eat at home.
We recently took another loan from Dvara KGFS to help us expand our restaurant menu again and to upgrade our interiors. I can trace back my journey with the journey of KGFS itself, being one of its earliest customers since it started operations here.
My son has grown up now and is currently in his 9th standard at school. He is a brilliant sportsperson who is a National-level gold medalist in ‘Silambam’ sport. We want him to keep availing the best resources without any financial difficulty to help him exceed in all his pursuits. I decided early on that my son’s future is my future. I sacrificed a lot when it came to my career, and I’ll not let our son compromise on his future for any reason whatsoever. My husband and I still have the will left in us to sit through long hours in the kitchen only because we know that we want to give our son a comfortable life. I have told my son that I will continue to work till the day he asks me to stop, until then I wouldn’t stop for anything.”