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‘‘Knowing that he will never break his promise gives me enough strength…’’
“My husband and I were married for more than 25 years, and though it was an arranged marriage, he was exactly the kind of man I wanted to build a family and spend my entire life with. He was polite, hard-working and was a man of values. I loved him immensely.

We had just gotten our daughter married off to a good family with the help of our savings and few debts that we had sought locally. My son had also recently graduated with a bachelor’s in computer applications and had gotten a job offer in Trichy. My husband and I even started figuring out ways to make our land generate more income so that we can save up for our old age. We just wanted to be self-reliant as we grew older. So we had also recently taken a loan from Dvara KGFS to help us upgrade our farm.

One fateful day, while I was away attending a wedding, I received a phone call from my son, who sounded distraught on the phone, telling me that appa is hospitalized and doctors are saying that he won’t survive. We rushed to the hospital as soon as we could, but it was too late. I couldn’t be there with him in his final moments. They said a lorry hit his bike from behind and then sped away. I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards.

We were still in mourning a month afterwards when reality woke us up. We had a severe financial crunch at home. I had to pay back the debt I incurred for my daughter’s marriage, and the KGFS loan installment was also due. Just when I thought I’d lose my land to repay the debt, someone from Dvara KGFS came home and informed me of some insurance that my husband had signed up for. I was frozen in disbelief when the person told me that I don’t have to pay back the loan and that I was also going to receive enough money to repay my other debts too. Without much hassle, we received the insurance money.

Throughout our marriage, my husband often used to promise me that he’ll take care of me, whatever be the circumstances. I broke down in tears that day because I realized how he was watching over me even though he wasn’t there physically. Knowing that he will never break his promise gives me enough strength to breathe through the rest of my life before I join him.”