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Following areas are part of the code of conduct, and all employees must ensure compliance with these guidelines:
  • Dvara KGFS expects its employees to understand their customer’s financial circumstances and needs to provide them with the most suitable products and services as per the Wealth Management Guidelines. Care must be taken to ensure that no solution is provided to a customer that does not meet their requirements.
  • All employees must make sure and safeguard the interests of the company at all points in time. Any act which causes a loss to the company in any form will entail stringent action including termination of employment
  • No employee must gain/ interest personally from any from any company transaction
  • Negotiating or contracting on behalf of the company with any third party where either a relative or friend must be avoided
  • Employees must refrain from passing on confidential information about the Company and its operations, that are not in public domain, with any other person or company
  • Employees are not allowed to take any relevant information/ document about the company and its operations outside of the office without adequate prior permission of the Functional Head. This applies to sending critical mails as also photocopying important documents
  • Employees must return all materials (including visiting cards and ID cards)containing valuable information, including copies, notes, and files, to the Company on separation
  • No employee shall accept direct or indirect gifts, services, entertainment privileges, or other special favours from any organization, individual or a group that does or seeks to do business with the company.
  • Dvara KGFS expects all its employees to safeguard Company property. All assets, including financial assets, vehicles, office supplies, equipment, and computer software must only be used for authorized business purposes.
  • Mobile, Telephone or any Internet services including company computers or networks must be used by company policy and not to be used for accessing, receiving or transmitting illegal information/material.
  • Any act that involves theft, fraud, embezzlement, or misappropriation of any property is strictly prohibited and would lead to termination
  • Employees should access the internet in office only for business purposes. Accessing illegal sites like job sites, pornography, chat, social media (unless approved in advance and for a valid reason) in office will be viewed as a serious violation. m. Any act of passing lewd comments, messages (including email and SMS), signs, printed materials to fellow colleagues or customers would invite stringent action n. Any fraudulent or manipulated claim or fudging of documents would lead to severe action

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